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I've recently gotten into roleplaying over IM. More specifically, I've gotten into roleplaying Homestuck stuff over the fandom-made Pesterchum client. I have several characters for this, pretty much all of whom are varying flavors of fantroll.

My most recent non-oneshot roleplay is a Sburb type with a grand total of three players including myself. Despite this, there are eight characters between us. I play three adult trolls, one person plays three child trolls and a human, and the other player has a single adult troll under his control. Why not have a weirdly mixed session, yeah?

Background: recently one of the child trolls (from now on called "the programmer") flipped his lid and declared his intention to kill a bunch of the others. Said programmer is a ridiculously powerful psychic with the ability to control trolls and animals, so this was actually a legitimate threat in the eyes of my battle-happy soldier. She had already been toying with the idea of killing him due to a previous incident involving mind-control, so when he implied that he'd killed her matesprit she flipped her own lid and, after a spree of alchemizing weapons and a helmet she hoped would block his mind-control, started jumping through gates in order to slowly make her way to his land. Along the way she found out that her matesprit was not dead or even harmed at all, but that hardly changed her mind about matters.

Though the actual battle was fairly short, the time it took to get there was less so. My girl made a battle plan that was never actually used, she and the characters she gathered along the way had to take their time picking through a warehouse full of security doors and monsters that the programmer would lead to them, and then they were all knocked on their butts following an attempt to open a door with bombs and a flamethrower.

Shortly after the latter, my soldier girl found out that the helmets only partially worked. The programmer forced her to drop her weapon, my male soldier tripped her so she couldn't be used to hurt the others, and said male soldier was shortly after taken out of commission via red-hot flamethrower nozzle to the chest.

Naturally my soldier girl decided that the best thing to do would be to attack the programmer barehanded instead of actually bothering to pick up her gun. This decision changed neither when the programmer drew a dagger nor when said dagger turned out to have an extendable laser blade. She disarmed him, jabbed him in the eyes, and promptly had a hole burned in her boots from the laser blade. The fight petered out from there, especially when one of the other trolls decided to make the programmer his moirail instead of killing him. My soldier girl stomped off in a huff to go kill mobs, my other soldier immediately switched modes and helped the other troll help the programmer (guy takes moirallegiance seriously), and the whole mini-plot came to an end.

My third character was dreaming on Prospit the entire time, and so didn't do much plotwise.


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