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You know how it goes by now. This one is for another Alternian troll, but she's a pilot. She thinks of herself as the ship she powered, hence the unusual name. In the roleplay, she's been disconnected and is being coached back into being a troll again.

1. Name: Valiant Skies

2. Age: 17 sweeps or about 37 years

3. Gender: Female

4. How tall is s/he?: 5'8"

5. Describe their eyes: Normal troll eyes with yellow irises

6. Sexuality: Complicated. She's kind of had it programmed out of her.

7. Race/Species: Troll

8. Siblings?: None

9. Lover(s)?: None.

10. Any talents or abilities, even if these are included in your canon (i.e. they can fly, but they live with angels, so everyone can fly)?
She has psionic abilities. They're decently strong, but she has little control over them anymore.

11. Any talents and abilities that are unusual in their canon (i.e. a psychic human in real life)?

12. What's their religion/belief system?

13. Have you ever renamed, redesigned, or reworked this person? How?

14. Do they have an alternate form?

15. Are they based on a real person?

16. Or another character?

17. Do they go to school?

18. How often do they spend in front of a mirror?
No time at all.

19. If given a gun, what would they do?
Look at it in confusion and hand it back.

20. What do they like wearing?
There's her connection suit, but she doesn't so much like it so much has worn it so long she's uncomfortable without it. She does has a hat she is fond of. It's yellow with an orange flower on it.

21. Describe their hair:
Thin and scraggly at the moment. She was bald before she was removed from the ship, because they prefer that pilots don't have hair to get in the way of the biowiring.

22. Where does this character live?
Before Sgrub, she was hooked up to the belly of the Valiant Skies, a scouting spaceship. Great place to live, yeah?

23. Can they cook?
Not at all.

24. Would they enjoy a surprise party thrown for them?
Very not at all. The best reaction you would get from her would be complete and utter confusion.

25. Have they ever killed someone? Who? Why?
On Alternia she once took part in a cycle of revenge on the behalf of a quadrant. Post-recruitment, if it counts, she alerted the security systems to a potential mutiny, the shutting down of which resulted in the deaths of most of the mutineers. 

26. Do they feel guilty about that killing/multiple killings?
Not at all. She doesn't remember the one on Alternia, and the incident after her conscription was solidly in accordance with her programming.

27. Any secrets?

28. Do they have a tattoo? Do they want one?
None and nope.

29. What about piercings?

30. Medical conditions?
She's suffering from severe disuse atrophy because of her time spent rigged into spaceships. She's currently unable to tolerate rich foods and used to be hardly able to eat at all because she recieved all of her nutrition from feeding tubes. Weird Roleplay Stuff is the only reason she's been able to recover to the point she has in the amount of time it's taken.

31. Are they generally violent?

32. Are they shy or outgoing?

33. Honest or deceitful?
Honest to a fault. The loyalty programs made her unable to lie to her betters (which were everyone). They're gone now, but the effects remain.

34. Optimistic or Pessimistic?
Pessimistic? She's scared and worried, mostly.

35. Loving or distant?
Ehh, it's weird. She doesn't think she can get close to someone.

36. Young or old?
In the middle.

37. Bad or good?
True Neutral.

38. Are they good at winning an argument?
Very much not.

39. Name something unusual about them:
Rehabilitating helmswoman. That's all there is to say about that.

40. Are they a virgin?

41. Have they ever had sex with their own gender?

42. Name some prejudices s/he has:
She's pro-Empire, pro-hemospectrum. She's been pretty thoroughly programmed in it, to the point that even having an un-imperial thought had her freaking out about not thinking correctly.

43. Give me something random about them:
She likes hats.

44. Do they drink?

45. Smoke?

46. Do drugs?

47. Are they addicted to anything?
She has link-addiction, which is getting to be a problem.

48. What's their impression on people at first glance?
"They'll know what to do"

49. Is this true once they're more well known to someone?
Sometimes. Usually she just gets confused, though.

50. Name something that's different about them now than when you first came up with them:
She's gotten clingy.

51. Is there anything about this character that's surprising to you?
Not really.

52. How was their childhood?
She had a perfectly normal childhood on Alternia. She thought her powers weren't strong enough to rate being taken away to power ships, so she didn't worry about trying to figure out a way around it. Boy was she wrong.

53. What's one of their weaknesses?
She's really weak physically, she'll obey any Imperialist without question unless a higher-ranking one has already told her not to, and she's very easy to manipulate. She also can't control her powers well so she burns out easily.

54. Their greatest strength?
Her powers. She can hit pretty hard with them.

55. Something they hate:
Being "useless"

56. Something they love:
Being "useful"

57. How's their self esteem?
Very bad.

58. One thing they hate about themselves:
That she's, in her own words, broken and malfunctioning and not thinking right anymore.

59. One thing they love about themselves:
She ran the other day! A full ten feet! And didn't fall down!

60. How's their ego?
Very small. She doesn't even think of herself as a person.

61. Describe their past:
Valiant doesn't really remember her past. Her memories were suppressed so the loyalty programs would set in better, and they faded the rest of the way from just plain disuse.

Here's an overview though: She had a normal childhood on Alternia. Her ferret lusus was very protective and loving, and she had a small group of cohorts she ran around with. They were all lowbloods, and only one of them other than her had any psychic ability at all. This one had a weird quadrant-flipping thing with her that settled on a matespritship shortly before conscription. She was the most adventurous one of the lot and was a bit of a troublemaker.

Then came conscription. At eight sweeps old, she was tested, found to be strong enough to power a ship, and was immediately sent into the piloting program. There she was stripped of her sign, her identity, and her future. They installed a number of loyalty programs designed to erase her personality and keep her docile, and then for the next nine sweeps she was a living battery. As a defense mechanism, she started thinking of herself as the ships she was piloting. The Valiant Skies was only the most recent ship she was installed in.

Her quadrants never knew what happened to her. To them, she just disappeared.

62. How was their family life?
Pilots do not have quadrants, as she puts it.

63. Are they happy now? Why?
Yeeeeah no. She's confused and distressed and doesn't know what to do.

64. Do you like them?

65. Would you get along with them if you met them in real life?
I don't know about get along, but I'd try to help her.

66. Would they like you?
She wouldn't care.

67. Are they smart?
Not anymore, she isn't. The Empire doesn't need smart batteries.

68. Are they tricky?
Not at all.

69. Do you know how they are going to die?
Not really, but it would probably be from something ignoble.

70. Do you plan on killing them off?
Not in particular.

71. Do they like to read?

72. What's their favorite… book?
She doesn't have one.

73. Movie?

74. Person?
She got attached to the engineer who helped her out when she was disconnected. It's kinda too bad he's dead now.

75. Time of day?

76. Animal?
Furred animals. She couldn't tell you why though.

77. Thing to do?

78. Are you tired of this meme yet? xD

79. Has it helped you?

80. Will you do it for another character?
I might.

81. Go tag someone. And go tell xxcrashgirlxx on deviantART that you used it!


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