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You know how it goes by now. This one is for another Alternian troll, but she's a pilot. She thinks of herself as the ship she powered, hence the unusual name. In the roleplay, she's been disconnected and is being coached back into being a troll again.
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Another 80 questions for another Alternian troll, this one an Imperial greenblooded cullmaster.
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Hey, remember this? Here, have another one. This character is Icemount, the seadweller in Snaplock's session who replaced Arsonist as the Bard of Space.

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Someone linked these to a roleplay group I'm in, so I'll be answering them for the culture of a fan character of mine. Just so you know, the fancharacter is for Homestuck roleplays. Whenever the answer is because of a certain aspect of Alternian troll physiology or something like that, I'll say so.

I should probably also mention that this fan character is from a pre-Empire, very pre-industrial period of Alternian history. Thus, the culture has no mention of the Empire, or space travel, or conquering things to death. It's rather medieval-ish, actually.

Copyright © 1996, Patricia C. Wrede

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Snaplock Sunblood, fantroll from pre-industrial, pre-Empire times. Warlord of a decently-sized territory, bordered by the ocean and rival warlords. This version is for the Replay Value AU

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I've recently gotten into roleplaying over IM. More specifically, I've gotten into roleplaying Homestuck stuff over the fandom-made Pesterchum client. I have several characters for this, pretty much all of whom are varying flavors of fantroll.
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